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Thursday, December 12, 2013

SAMSUNG GALAXY Music Dous, Note 3, Note 8.0, Note II Price in Bangladesh 2014. Here is all Samsung Galaxy Music Dous, Note 3, Note 8.0, Note II. This price list is for all over the country. But you should remember that Mobile Company can change or renew this price list. You've to keep visit again and again to know original update price list before buying because it will help you lot to know the features about your selected mobile and save your money. Bellow the price list of Samsung Galaxy Music Dous, Note 3, Note 8.0, Note II Mobile Phone.

Samsung Galaxy Music Dous.....
-106.9 gm weight
-3" + 240*320 px display with touchscreen
-Android 4.0.4 Jelly Bean Operating System
-Processor 850 MHz Dual Core
-Battery 1350 mAh
-3.15MP Camera
-4GB Memory (32GB expendable) + RAM 512MB
-Audio & Video Player (MP3, AMR, WAV, MIDI, ACC, WMA + AVI, MPEG4, 3GP, DivX and more.)
-FM Radio (With Free headphone)
-Bluetooth v3.0
-USB v2.0


Samsung Galaxy Note 3.....
-168 gm weight
-5.7" + 1920*1080 px display with touchscreen
-Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Operating System
-Processor 2.3 GHz Quad Core
-Battery 3200 mAh
-13MP Camera
-64GB Memory (64GB expendable SD Card) + RAM 3GB
-Audio & Video Player (MP3, AMR, WAV, MIDI, ACC, WMA + AVI, MPEG4, 3GP, DivX and more.)
-Bluetooth v4.0
-USB v3.0


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.....
-338 gm weight
-8" + 800*1280 px display with touchscreen
-Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Operating System
-Processor 1.6 GHz Dual Core
-Battery 2350 mAh
-5MP Camera
-32 or 64GB Memory (64GB expendable SD Card) + RAM 2GB
-Audio & Video Player (MP3, AMR, WAV, MIDI, ACC, WMA + AVI, MPEG4, 3GP, DivX and more.)
-Bluetooth v4.0
-USB v2.0


Samsung Galaxy Note II.....
-183 gm weight
-5.5" + 720*1280 px display with touchscreen
-Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System
-Processor 1600 MHz Dual Core
-FM Radio (With Free headphone)
-Battery 2350 mAh
-8MP Camera
-16 or 32 or 64GB Memory (64GB expendable SD Card) + RAM 2GB
-Audio & Video Player (MP3, AMR, WAV, MIDI, ACC, WMA + AVI, MPEG4, 3GP, DivX and more.)
-Bluetooth v4.0
-USB v2.0


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